Tuesday, February 28, 2012


WARNING: This list is extremely long.  All are RETIRED and have been stored in my stampin' studio closet.  
I have been cleaning and reorganizing my stampin' studio and found many packs of paper that I need to sell.  I am listing the name of the paper and if it is new or how many full sheets.  Each is still in the original plastic wrap.

[B]Designer Series Papers:[/B]

Autumn Vine   5 full sheets   $4.00
Botanical Gazette     1 New pk  $8.00
Celebrations     8 full sheets w/scraps $6.00

Cutie Pie    {1 New pks;  1 pk w/9 full sheets & scraps}    $14.00; 1 New pk    $8.00
Dashing      2 New pks  $8.00 each;  1 pk w/8 full sheets   $6.00
Deck the Halls   1 pk w/10 full sheets w/scraps   $7.00
Delicate Dots       5 New pks  $8.00 each:  
          1 pk. w/9 full sheets & scraps  $6.00;  1 pk w/10 full sheets & scraps   $7.00
East Coast Prep  {1 New pkg; 1 pkg. w/6 full sheets & 1 half sheet} $13.00
Fall Flowers  {1 New pk; 1 pk w/ 1 full sheet and 1 half sheet}  $10.00; 1 new pk. $8.00
Georgia Peach      {1 New pk;1 pk w/6 full sheets}  $13.00
Ginger Blossom   {1 New pk; 1 pk w/9 full sheets & 1 half sheet}  $14.00
Good Morning Sunshine  1 pk 2 designs 11 full sheets  $7.00; 1 pk w/6 full sheets w/scraps  $5.00
Green Tea    11 full sheets   $7.00
Greenhouse Gala   {1 pk w/8 full sheets; 1 pk w/9 full sheets} $12.00
Haiku            {1 New pk.; 1 pk w/5 full sheets & scraps}  $12.00
Handdrawn      1 New  $8.00
Hawaii Papaya    4 full sheets w/scraps  $4.00
Holiday Harmony  {1 New pk; 1 pk w/1 full sheet & 2 half sheets} $10.00
Holiday Thyme    1 New pks   $8.00; {1 new pk; 1 pk w/7 full sheets & scraps}  $13.00
Holiday Treasures     4 full sheets w/scraps  $4.00
Ice Cream Parlor   3 New  $8.00 each
Jersey Shore     9 full sheets & scraps   $6.00
Junior Varsity   11 full sheets  $7.00
Lap of Luxury   2 full sheets w/3 half sheets  $4.00
Linen Prints    9 full sheets & 3 half sheets   $7.00
Love Impressions *spec  {1New;1 pk w/8 full sheets} $15.50; 1 pk w/10 full shts $7.50
Love Letter    {1 New pk; 1 pk w/3 full sheets & scraps}  $12.00; 1 New pk   $8.00
Loves Me      3 New     $8.00 each
Manchester      11 full sheets & 1 half sheet   $7.00
Newsprint      1 new pk  $8.00
Notations      {1 new pk; 1 pk w/9 full sheets & scraps}   $14.00
Outlaw      {1 new pk; 1 pk w/11 full sheets}   $15.00
Parisian Breeze   spec     1 pk w/5 full sheets w/scraps  5.00
Pawsitively Prints (BAB)    8 full sheets & 3 half sheets   $6.00
Pawsitively Prints II (BAB)     {1 New pk;1 pk w/7 sheets/3 half sheets} 14.00
Play Date      {1 New pk; 1 pk w/7 full sheets & 4 half sheets}  $14.00
Raspberry Tart  9 full sheets w/lots of scraps  $6.00
Razzleberry Lemonade  {1 New pk;  1 pk w/9 full sheets & scraps}  $14.00
Recollections     1 New  $8.00
Rockabilly       spec         1 New    $9.00
Shades of Spring      10 full sheets & 2 half sheets   $7.00
Storybook      spec         1 New        $9.00
Summer Picnic  {1 pk w/11 full sheets;  1 pk w/10 full sheets}  $14.00
Sunny Garden   4 full sheets & 3 half sheets  $4.00
Sweet Slumber   spec       2 New    $9.00 each
Tale Tales   {13 full sheets and lots of scraps (2 pks together)} $9.00
Tea Party    11 full sheets w/lots of scraps  $7.00
The Write Stuff   spec     1 New        $9.00
Thoroughly Modern    10 full sheets & 2 half sheets $7.00
To The Nines    spec       {1 New pk; 1 pk w/5 full sheets w/scraps}    $14.00
Uptown     11 full sheets   $7.00
Urban Garden    11 full sheets  $7.00
Urban Oasis      5 full sheets & 3 half sheets  $5.00
Washington Apple    11 full sheets $7.00

Please PM or email me with the paper that you would like to buy. All offers will be considered.  All payments through PayPal please.
Shipping will be determined by weight of packages purchased.

Email me at cre8tivestamper@gmail.com with your request to purchase.
Thanks so much stampers!!!  US buyers only please!
Live, Laugh, Love and STAMP!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


it's a constant thing around here.  I have been doing extensive cleaning and reorganizing of my Stampin' Studio. On January 4, 2012, I celebrated my 13 year anniversary as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.

I held a sale at my home over the past two days selling my retired/discontinued Stampin' Up! products, including stamp sets, ribbon, designer series paper, retired cardstock colors, and more!
I was very happy with the number of people that came out to the sale and the amount sold.  However, I still have a massive amount to sell.  If you are a crafter you know that we collect accumulate a great deal of items to support our craft.

I am listing the items on the ITEMS FOR SALE page of my blog which can be found HERE. You can check there for a listing and or photos of all the items I have for sale.  It will take a little time to get everything listed, so if you or someone you know, is looking for a specific set/item you can email me and I will see if I have it.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or for additional photos as needed.  Once the item is sold, I will remove it from the listing.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I will have some creative stamping to share real soon.

Live, Laugh, Love and STAMP!