Sunday, December 20, 2015

5 Days Until Christmas....

and went to a fabulous Christmas Dinner/Party last night at my friend's home.  Kevin and Pam Hegarty are the best hosts every year and this year was no exception!   Santa stops by for everyone to have a photo opportunity and a last chance to get on the nice list.
Pam, her dog Bailey and I at the party.

Kelsey and I in front of Pam's tree at the party.

Christmas is more fun when little ones are around.  Look at these precious pictures of the 3 children I nanny for. They were at the party with their mom and dad.  Santa has a full lap.
Ryder (5 yrs), Gavyn (3 yrs), Makenna (8 mos)

Then there were 2 good little boys sitting on Santa....

Then there was 1 little sweet princess....

I hope you are getting in the spirit of Christmas and ready to celebrate with family and friends.

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