Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More of the 3" x 3" Love Notes Swap

Yesterday, I showed you the 3 cards I created for the swap.  Today, I want to share with you ALL the cards from ALL 3 groups of the swap from Convention 2015.  Enjoy!

Group 1

Top L to R: Barbara Welch, ?????, Melissa Davies, Laura Fernsler

Middle L to R: Jennifer Rutkowski, Roxie Weaver, Maria Piliaris, Denise Foster

Bottom L to R: Mary Ann Bernhardt, Stefanie Pletscher, Paula Mann, ?????

Top L to R: Karin Braxton, Sherry Clark, Kristy Schalk, Brenda Sue Hillard

Bottom L to R: Donna Ross, ?????, Pat Brannin, Sandy Haynes

Group 2

Top L to R: ?????, ?????, Pat Brannin, Maria Piliaris

Middle L to R: Tina Petko, Laura Fernsler, Barbara Welch, Stefanie Pletscher

Bottom L to R: Michele Robins-Keifer, ?????, Sandy Haynes

 Top L to R: Ingrid Weaver, Kaori Mori, Denise Foster, Dorina Manners

Middle L to R: Sherry Clark, Kathy Wiles, ?????, Jessica Hill

Bottom L to R: Dawn Haskell, Heather Wnek
Group 3

Top L to R: Marilynn Bennett, Mary Ellen Thygesen, Jenn Gulch

Middle L to R: Elizabeth Giles, Barbara Welch, Laura Fernsler

Bottom L to R: Deb Fries, Barbara Hussey, Lorri Spencer 

Top L to R: Diane Browning, Junko Morita, Linda Poelke, ?????

Middle L to R: Dianne Gill, ?????, Trish Pardue, Christy Velasquez

Bottom L to R: Gina Taylor, Judith Goodyear, Suzy Speare

I have credited the designers for the cards that had a name on them.  Some did not have a name, therefore I can't give credit to them.
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Live, Laugh, Love and STAMP!

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