Sunday, August 23, 2015

More Ideas from the WOW NEW In-Colors Card Swap

Thanks for stopping by today. Are you ready to see the cards from the WOW NEW In Colors Card Swap?  Of course you are, so let's get to it.  There are 5 groups, so this post is a long one!  Enjoy!  You can go HERE to see my cards for each group and the supplies I used to create them.
Group 1

Top L to R: Robbie Chandler, Barbara Welch (hostess), HettyJones

Bottom L to R: Janice Adams, Laura Fernsler, Mary Ann Bernhardt

Top L to R: Tammy DeWitt, Sue Heron, Sandy Carlson

Bottom L to R: Sandy Haynes, Rhonda Smith, Kristy Schalk

Group 2

Top L to R: Sue Heron, Barbara Welch (hostess)

Bottom L to R: Sandy Haynes, Janice Adams, Mary Ann Bernhardt

Top L to R: Desiree Spenst, Lisa Schultz, Hetty Jones

Bottom L to R:  Elaine Schader, Kristy Schalk, Robbie Chandler 

 Group 3

Top L to R: Luci Kirschbaum, Barbara Welch (hostess), Donna Ross

 Bottom L to R:  Sherry Clark, Sandy Carlson, Kelly Gracy

                                            Top L to R: Maria Piliaris,  Sherry Wayt, Donna Lathrop,    Jennifer Rutkowski                      Bottom L to R: Elizabeth Giles, Lisa Schultz, Lyne Gagne 
 Group 4

Top L to R: Lyne Gagne, Barbara Welch (hostess), Maria Piliaris

Bottom L to R: Sandy Keller, Dianne Gill, Kelly Gracy

Top L to R: Shannon Briglia, Sherry Clark, Linda Persoon

Bottom L to R: Jackie Walker, ?????, Brenda Sue Hillard


Group 5

Top L to R: Elizabeth Giles, Barbara Welch (hostess), Mary Smallidge

Bottom L to R: Judy Hamen, Brittany Schenkel, Shannon Briglia
Top L to R: Jill Blanchett, Brenda Sue Hillard, ???????

Bottom L to R: Melissa McGuire, Sandy Keller, Michelle Redline

Thanks again for all who participated in the swap. The cards are fabulous.  Sorry I can't give credit for those that did not have a name on them.

Live, Laugh, Love and STAMP!

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