Sunday, January 27, 2013

Leadership 2013 - Organized Very Vintage Swap

Are you ready for this...the last post of swaps from Leadership.  Today I will share the swaps from the Organized Swap that I hosted - Very Vintage Cards. I swapped in each group, so you will see my card and then the set of cards from each group.  These cards are beautiful and will give you many great ideas.

My card for Group 1:  Greeting Card Kids

Group 1 Set of Swaps

My card for Group 2:  From The Heart

Group 2 Set of Swaps:

My card for Group 3:  Apothecary Art

Group 3 Set of Swaps:

My card for Group 4: From The Heart

Group 4 Set of Swaps:

Thanks for stopping by today for a look at the most beautiful Very Vintage cards.  Leave a comment and let me know your favorites!

Live, Laugh, Love and STAMP!

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