Sunday, June 8, 2008

From Messy to...Clean!

Happy Sunday!
Today starts 7 days of dance recital week for me & my family. My daughter has been dancing since she was 4 and she is now 16! The one week in June when I am completely focused on the dance recital has now arrived. I am one of the many staff members at the dance studio which has about 1000 dancers. There are 3 casts, each with a technical rehearsal, dress rehearsal and 2 performances. My daughter also teaches 5 classes and has her own dances in tap, jazz and ballet on pointe that she will perform as well. I run the backstage area where all the dancers are pulled from their dressing rooms and lined up prior to going on stage.

Yesterday, in preparation for the busy week ahead, I cleared my stamping desk in my craft room from all the creative mess I had made while designing and stamping convention swaps. Here is the messy desk photo (I can't believe I am showing you this):

And here it is after I cleared and put away the ink pads, put the stamps back in the cases, punches in the bins and markers in the drawer:

Now that it is clean, I want to STAMP...oh yeah, I have to go work the dance recital.

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


Ret said...

oh my gosh, you're as messy as me!! hehe but your clean pic is beautiful. mine would never stay that way. lol

love your stamp pad rack!
have a fun week at the dance studio!!

LeAnne said...

Wow, I am more impressed with how well it cleaned up than how messy it was! Beautiful work area.....DH & I are "planning" a redo for my craft room. I wanted July but it will more likely be January!!!
Good luck with all your dance stuff!

Jessie/knightrone said...

Messy or not, I am so jealous of your stamping space!! Have fun at the recital!!

kellyjean said...

Gasp! What a difference, huh? Okay, you've inspired me to get mine cleaned up... just after I surf a bit more, he he he...

Sherri said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that makes a big ole mess when I stamp. The putting it back thing is never as much fun as getting it out for some reason. Love your space.