Thursday, August 6, 2009

Convention Check-In Day

Hello everyone I am so excited to be in Salt Lake City for the annual Stampin' Up! Convention. Today was the first official day of convention. However, I arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and immediately started feeling the excitement with all the other demonstrators around.

Wednesday was check-in day, swapping and memento mall shopping. Stampini' Up! is offering some awesome items this year as well. I am here with Pam and Linda from the weSTAMP group and 2997 other demonstrators. I think the highlight of our day was when we were asked by one of the Stampin' Up! staff to assist them with a card challenge using the Under the Stars Stamp set for the Just for Kids Campaign. We were given the stamp set, and after mounting it we were to use the supplies provided and create a card. It was so much fun and we each got to keep the stamp set too!!

Below: Me, Pam, Linda on Wednesday

Below: here we are creating our cards for the Just Kids Campaign

below: here are the cards we created
left to right bottom row: Pam's card, Barbara's card, Linda's card
Stamp set: Under the Stars

This was so much fun and we were so excited to be asked.
I will try to post a few of my swap cards in the morning.

Inspire, Create, Share......


Lorri said...

weSTAMP weROCK!! WOOOHOOO loved your post!! Have a wonderful time!!

Nancy Riley said...

HI BARBARA! HI PAM! HI LINDA!!! (waving frantically!). Look at you girls representing weSTAMP in such a cool way! I can tell you're having the time of your lives by the smiles on your faces! That is so cool that you got asked to stamp for the Just for Kids Campaign! That is AWESOME!!!! Have another great day today!