Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ribbon Bow Tutorial

Do you want to learn how to make this fluffy ribbon embellishment! I have created this tutorial to show you how I make them.

I was reading a forum on SCS and many were inquiring of how to make a ribbon embellishment like this. I used to make these years (15 - 17 years) ago for my daughter's hair, shoes, clothing - anywhere I wanted a "fluffy" bow. I learned to make these at a small town craft store in West Virginia where we lived when our children were small. The lady that worked there was always showing how to make things, and she knew Kelsey and how I loved to always make her hair bows and shoe bows to match. I would go there to buy the ribbons.

Supplies you will need:
Stampin' Up! Grid Paper or Flat Ruler
2 yds of 3 different Ribbons or Scraps of Ribbons
12" piece DMC Floss
Sharp scissors for cutting ribbon

Here is a close-up of the Ribbon Bow

Step 1
Lay ribbon on grid paper or flat ruler. Cut 6 pieces of each ribbon design in 3" pieces. Cut all ends at an angle to prevent fraying.

Step 2
Cut 6 pieces of each ribbon design in 2" pieces.
Cut 6 pieces of each ribbon design in 2-1/2" pieces. Cut ends at an angle to prevent fraying.

Step 3
Lay a 12" piece of DMC floss on grid paper or flat surface. Start layering your ribbon pieces on top of floss, beginning with 2" pieces, then add 2-1/2" pieces and the top layer will be 3" pieces.

Step 4
Bring up ends of the DMC floss and tie around all layers of the ribbons. Tie very tight so the ribbons will not slip out.

Step 5
Hold the ribbons in one hand and fluff the other side with the other hand, separating the layers as you go.

Step 6
This is after fluffy both sides, tie tightly around the bow again with the remaining ends of the DMC floss. Trim ends of floss close to the knot.

Step 7
With the ribbons in your hand, hold the bottom of the bow and push the top portion down toward the center. The smallest pieces of ribbon will be in the center and this will help form the fluffy bow.
Trim the ends of the ribbons, if needed, with scissors to form the shape you desire.

I hope this helps you to make these adorable fluffy bows. You can use them on cards, presents, gift bags, frames, and for children's hair as I used to do many, many years ago.

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Tina said...

Thanks for sharing, but I don't see any pics.

Anonymous said...

Barbara, I can't see any pictures either (confused !!!)

Lorien Clark said...

Great job! I can see the pics.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tutorial, but since i am a visual person i could use some pictures. If you have them please send them with the directions thanks Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Barbara! I have Firefox and can only see pics #1 and #5. I'll be checking back as visuals truly help. May God bless, Sandi

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, but the pictures did not come through.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Barbara. I finally got the pictures. Your are a hero.

I am definitely going to try it.

Linda D.

Patter Cross said...

Yeah, I can see the pictures now. Thank you for doing this! I hope you don't mind but I am going to link your blog to mine next Tuesday for my Tuesday's {Tips}. I think my subscribers will love coming here to check this out. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Barbara, you are a peach! What a wonderful person you are to step up & do this as soon as you saw how many people were interested in learning this technique. You are so very generous and kind! Thanks a bunch

Anonymous said...

How precious are you?!?! Thanks so much but I will miss the thread on SCS. Yours are so much easier and prettier!


Leeci said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for jumping in there and sharing the instructions for this. This is awesome! Should satisfy quite a few of the "fans" who have been patiently awaiting for Pam's tutorial. Again, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Barbara - Thank you so much for taking the time to put together this tutorial!! It is fantastic!! :o)

Unknown said...

Thanks Barbara! :o)

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial Barbara, thanks for putting us all out of our misery!

Unknown said...

OH BABARA our long way is DONE!!!! I can't believe we have a tutorial WITH PHOTOS!!!...thank you so much for finding all of us who were waiting patiently and not so patiently for it to appear after so many months!!!

You are certainly a doll!!!!! big big cyber hugs

Lorri said...

SO CUTE!!! I used to make something like these for my ROLLER SKATES (out of YARN) when I was young. (Ok, now that I've DATED myself....) GREAT CARD, love the colors and what you've done.

See you at weSTAMP!! weROCK! weLOVEYA! LOL

Joanne Travis said...

This is really beautiful and thank you for sharing the tutorial!! Awesome work, as always!!

Mel Thexton said...

Awesome tutorial! Thanks so much for taking the time to make it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to make this tutorial. It's just what so many SCS folk have been hoping for and you've surely made a whole lot of people a whole lot happier.

Marion, UK

Dana said...

I love this technique! I make these type bows for my granddaughters, but I have never used the floss to tie them with. This looks so much easier on the fingers than wire. I am going to do it this way from now on. Thanks!!

Judy Rozema said...

Wonderful tutorial and pictures!

Mel G said...

thanks for the tutorial!!! I love the flowers!

Diana said...

OMG I love this and cant wait to start making these ..I knew I was saving my scraps of ribbion for a reason ..
thanks soooooo Much

Anne-Marie said...

Thanks for these great instructions.. your bow looks wonderful.

Cassie said...

i've been wanting to make one of these forever! thanks for the tutorial!

Going with the Flow By Renee said...

I have seen these in craft shows on barrettes for little girls and always knew they had to be easy to make, but never stopped to figure it out! Thanks so much for the tutorial! Now I don't feel quite so "out of touch"! Renee

Cheryl said...

Barbara, I have wondered how to make these for months!!! Thanks for showing in a tutorial - since, I'm a visual person, I got it this time. Thanks again!!!!!!!