Thursday, February 26, 2009

Glass Plate and InsertsTutorial

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments and emails asking me how to make these. I originally showed my Glass Plates with seasonal inserts in December. I was inspired to make these at the SU! Convention in August 2008.
Today, I have prepared this tutorial to share with you, so you can create your own. I purchased the dinner size glass plates at WalMart. You will need to have your plate before making your templates for the inserts as they may be different in size than mine.

Dinner size Glass Plate, Decorator Plate Stand,
Kraft Card Stock, Velcro (adhesive back), Scissors, Pencil,
Designer Series Paper, Cardstock, Inks, Embellishments, Ribbon, Punches

Step 1 - Make your templates by tracing around the base (part of the plate that rests on the table) of the glass plate onto cardstock, I used Sahara Sand for one and Kraft for one.

Step 2
- Cut 2 of these templates. Make one template 1/4" smaller in diameter, by trimming 1/4" off one of the circles.

Step 3 - Here are the finished templates you will use these for making the inserts. I have mine labeled - outside layer is the one that is the size of the bottom of your plate, top layer is the one that is 1/4" smaller in diameter. Now fold in half, then half again and continue until you have 8 triangle sections. This serves as a cutting guide for the layers. I drew a line across the center of mine as seen in the photo below.

Step 4 - Templates, Glass Plate and Velcro - now you are ready to create inserts for your plate.


Step 1 - For each insert you make, first cut 1 base out of cardstock ( I used Kraft here) using the Top Layer template as a guide. Trace and cut out.

Step 2 - Then fold the template in half and trace onto your first layer (I used Delicate Dots DSP here).

Step 3 - Flip template over using the other side as a guide for the lower half. Then cut one Outside Layer (here I used Bashful Blue). Here are the pieces all cut out and ready to assemble. Once assembled this will be a very stable insert to go onto the glass plate.

Step 4 - Now you can assemble the pieces, stamp and embellish as desired. I used the Good Egg Set and several accessories to complete my insert.


Step 1 - To adhere the insert to the glass plate, apply two 1-1/4" pieces of the rough side of self-adhesive Velcro to the glass plate as shown in the photo.

Step 2 - Attach two 1-1/4" pieces of the soft side of the self-adhesive Velcro to the top of the Velcro pieces already adhered to the plate. Peel away the tab to expose the adhesive on both pieces of Velcro.

Step 3
- Place the insert down on top of the Velcro pieces and press to adhere. Here is what it will look like once done and you separate the Velcro to remove the insert.

Step 4 - The photo below shows what the back of the insert will look like with the tabs in place.
To remove insert from plate, gently separate the two pieces of Velcro. Repeat step 2 when making another insert for the plate, adding the soft side of the Velcro to each insert, this allows
them to be interchangeable.


Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


Lorri said...

I am a blessed gal to OWN one of these! (Thanks Barbara!) I KNEW this would happen, now I need to carve out time to make even MORE cute plate inserts....thanks a lot Barbara. All kidding aside, this is such an AWESOME PROJECT! It brightens my crafting room. LOVE IT!

Connie M. said...

This is just too cute, Barb! Great tutorial too!!

Nancy Riley said...

GREAT tutorial, Barbara! I just love the Easter insert! I'm going to have to whip one up for my altered glass plate (which I LOVE!).

for2nately said...

Love it! tfs!