Monday, February 25, 2008

A Little Bit of Happiness

Good Monday Morning!
I have been sick (very sick with the flu) all week, and have been struggling every day to do something instead of laying in bed. I mounted all my new stamp sets and had lots of time to search thru SCS at all the past challenges I missed.
Today, I want to show you how I put my hostess stamp set, A Little Bit of Happiness, together. I can't take all the credit as this is something that was presented by SU! at the Anaheim regionals.

You will need:
A new set of Dominoes (bought at Target)
A Little Bit of Happiness stamp set
SU! Craft & Rubber Scissors

Take the sticker sheet and cut between the images as shown. Mount the sticker onto the plain side of the Dominoes.

Repeat until all stickers have been mounted.
You will have 21 stamps total.

Now this part can be a little scary.
Take the Craft & Rubber Scissors and cut between the images of the rubber stamp.
Start slowly and be very careful not to cut the image itself.
Trust me it can be done!!

Here you see the images are all cut apart and ready to mount onto the other side of the Dominoes.

Peel away the paper backing to expose the adhesive.
Mount each rubber stamp image on the dotted side of each of the Dominoes.

Viola!! Here is the finished set.

Now instead of a stamp set of 4, I have a stamp set of 21!!

They all fit in the plastic case that comes with the set.

Thanks for stopping by, Have a creative day!!


Me, My Stamps and I said...

I really love how yours turned out.

kellyjean said...

(smacking forehead) TFS